Ramp Jumper

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Tags author:ravenclaw99 playable race unrated
Created 2006-03-04
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Description This is my first race. Somebody post a demo and I'll tell you if you beat it faster than me. Please comment or rate! Enjoy!

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As I promised, I have told you if you've beaten it faster than me. I'm not that great an N player, so that makes sense.
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By the way...

Silentdemon's first demo is in the lead.


Silentdemon's second demo and brocerius's demo are ones I won't except. Sure you can do it that way but it's more fun to do the "right" way. Look at Mechtadevil's demo, If you wan't me to care, finish it that way.


Far too easy, but very smooth and somewhat exiting.

I agree with schmidty563; 3/5.
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mechtradevil, why did u give it a 4/5?
it only deserves like a 3 at most


too short

Hey, not bad.

I like the concept...
It was pretty simplistic, fun to play, etc..
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Demo Data