Advanced Robotics

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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2006-03-05
by 75 people.
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Description Level 76-4 of Legacy. Drone-heavy map with a prisoner theme. The style and the optional second segment set this one apart, making it one of my favorites.

This map was featured on 2009-07-17

Advanced Robotics by tktktk []
Some might recognise this map as 196-4 from the NReality expansion or the famous Legacy map pack. Rediscover the rich game-play this map presents, and for those who haven’t chanced upon this map, I highly recommend checking this out. Mapper extraordinaire and highscoring veteran tktktk has meticulously crafted this map which depicts a dystopian world of robotic drones which constantly surround the ninja and keep you – the captivated player - on your toes at all times. The map itself simultaneously delivers an outstanding level of aesthetics and satisfying game play mechanics. Kudos to you tktktk! — ska

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needs a few mines

across the area where the door switch is so that players are forced to make that jump instead of dropping down and going the easy way. But yeah, great map

For you!

totally agree with z thing this is the best map ive ever played. AMAZING
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I think one run on this map is there in that "best of N" video by ska on youtube.. I also thought at first that this was already featured! lol..

odd :/ this is the first nreality submitted demo
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I was thinking the exact same thing

i coulda sworn

this was featured before. Anyhow, this map showed me how drones should be used.

I miss "bitesizing" maps. Sry for spam. :P

And it was bitesized. :)
Yes, dronies are nice.


I beat it :P
Nice feature, ska, some of the best drone pathing I've ever seen.
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oh dayum...

great feature. This is one of my favorite tktktk maps, played it a long ass time ago and im aboot to play it again. 5aved.

Nothing can beat the couch, but this isn't bad. :P

This is familiar. There even is a map in N like this (similar).
tktktk's masterstroke of genius with how you need to go on the right side then do that mini leap-of-faith thing. Supercool =D


great feature of an amazing map

Isn't this on...


It seems so familiar.

Nice concept

But the mines ruined the fun for me :/ Still a 4, loved the prisoneresque parts

!! !!

This is on N+!
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Demo Data
Just wow, I think I may have maxxed it out on Nreality (96-4)with a score of 118.200

5 + faved


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very fun. faved. slow completion demo.
Demo Data! 4.5


jumping of a higher standard than i am capable of... oh well!

I agree...

...with this being on the top ten. 5/5!
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HOly crap

This Legacy series is so godly.

I love this one.

One of my faves.


Frantic fun for the whole family!
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