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Author xdude_
Tags author:xdude_ n-art unrated
Created 2006-03-05
Last Modified 2006-03-05
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Map Data

Description -This is a tileset that I used from el_umi's tileset Changes ( )
-Finally have it finished after A LOT of work....after my lappy crashed once...but I have it done...only the size of 35Kb on notepad rate and comment...Thanks!!
-Also looks great close up....look and see for yourself!

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im so excited!!!



Thanks for using my tileset. I really like the coloring you did. great job. 4.5/5


great improvemnt in these patterns in a short time, congrats...

one of the best patterns like this i've seen, probly around top 6 or so patterns ive seen...

but since i personally dislike patterns because anybody can make one, i never rate them higher than a 3...

i wont rate this one, cuz youve done a lot in little time




That is excellent. Love the phsycadelic thwump-gold bits and all the rest. 5/5