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Tags author:ravenclaw99 playable race unrated
Created 2006-03-05
Last Modified 2006-03-05
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Description I wasn't sure if this was race or action, but I'd like to see a fast demo from one of you.

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The part before the chaingun is still broken. :(
There's something wrong here. Can someone take a look at this demo and tell me why this won't work?
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I have beaten this before, but after demo recording for a long time, here's the best I could get. I still want a fast demo from one of you.
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Fixed it.

If I can beat it, so can you. I fixed it.


I didn't think anyone liked my maps. Anyway, it seemed fine to me but I guess I was wrong. No one rate it until I fix it please.

it is possible, but i cheated
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not good...

you didn't playtest this at all, did you?
I can't even count the number of glitches that make this impossible. plus it just doesn't flow very well...
I'm disappointed; I liked your other maps a lot more.