Afternoondragon Step03

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Author Dragon_Moon
Tags author:dragon_moon n-art rated
Created 2006-03-07
by 41 people.
Map Data

Description Heres the third one! The background looks better now and the head has colors and was shaded.

So, that was it for today. Ill keep on tomorrow, with the fourth part.

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Love the head,

it's going well, keep it up. 4


doesnt that big heavy dragon need strong and muscular wings to lift him,hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

this WoW

is good, but it its not as helpful as ur comments. I put it in my brain. think i have a lot of time left in my life ;)


why is this rated so high, its not even done!!!!


just trying to help...
kinda felt the need to say more then, WOW 5/5!! like all these other ppl...


Thanks for ur critic. But i only need training. its a question of time. :)


why are you like perfect at drawing dragons...
I was just wondering...


i replied to your question about my edited orientation launch pad level thingy....

i figured this was the easiest place for me to remind you about it...
im not advertising...most of us have seen it anyway...i know...dont write annoying messages...thank you for your time

same problem

as in the first one. the wing arms are to large and muscular.
I would also say the neck is a little to large also.
Head looks good, i like the back leg and the clouds especially


im not sure about the legs...they look a little fat...and placed high...but they arnt bad...maybe i should jsut wait till u finish to critize them...

but the wing...definately strange...


i suggest you redo the legs...and upper part of the wing muscles...
they look kinda messed up...and the wing on the point of view side doesnt look attached properly...shouldnt it look a little more like a shoulder joint? not just some random thing coming out of it??

dont get me wrong, its not bad...i just think it needs a good deal of work...


Really good, but ugly when close up (as all n arts are like that) 5/5


The head is a bit odd (Even in thumbnail mode

Just keep working at it! (Maybe making the Rising sun "Red" for Japan)
maybe the next one?


amazing, once again. 5/5


and i'm the one to rate it down again. it doesn't seem much for me. besides, this should be incomplete.
Can't Wait Till 2Moz!

Simple Steps Leading To A So Far Great Pic, Keep It Up!

5/5 For Every Part So Far.