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Author Mattiator2
Tags author:mattiator2 dda unrated
Created 2006-03-09
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Description First of all...

I tried like mad to figure out how to use trapdoors, but I failed. I am sorry I had to rely on launchpads often. I wish I could have made a close call with the "freefall" section. I used thwump propulsion, a first for me, and a good deal of environmental propulsion. I personaly like the part where N hops over the mines after the close call with the laser drone. Please comment and rate. :-)

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rate my other maps!!!!


ok... Didn't u read the description?!?!? I tried for three hours to use trapdoor!!!

not good

launch pads...
dont even use them
they boer people(aside from the very occasional edited one)
this should help me make some better DDAs.
Oh yeah, anybody who can tell me how to make edited launchpads?

Coming Soon:
The Cavern


it was ok but if ure freefalling and ure not going to fast u can quickly change directions up by making a upside trapdoor 1/2 snap under the door(center of box)




trap doors...ok...

use one fourth snap, put the switch 3/4 away from the door...1/4 snap is c while u have the door object selected