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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst playable rated
Created 2006-03-10
by 5 people.
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Description I made this map mostly as a plea to all newer mappers who see this...

PLZ, for the love of god and all thats holy (im not being religious, its just a saying)
Put Some Effort Into Your Levels
We are all tired of seeing poorly done levels, all they do is push good levels off the most recent pages, making them lost to soo many who could ahve enjoyed them...

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now stop sniping my maps, and being 10 means you do need to grow up, you should understand how to take critizism by now, but aparently you cant


who knows how many crappy maps u took off be4 u got a good 1 to be ur best


and 0/0 returns an error...(div by 0 to be exact)
at my first map...last time i checked it was rated 4.5 by 13 ppl...thats very good for a first level, then, why not look at thwat i made after that...after a little experimenting i made 4 consequtice arts that were all ont he top page for about a week, and can still be found in the top 30 arts, even after stupid snipers like you


i wouldnt be such an ass when i make 1 lvl and its like my first lvls i ever made and u say they suck! i know that u made them for longer time but dont be such an ass! rate them what u want but do u have to be so stupid and say they suck and i shouldnt make maps? i bet ur first maps were worst than mine u ass wipe!


its really stupid, siple and worthless, whats the point of making such a stupid map?


your not new...dont wry about bad can experiment with ideas...newer ppl just cant seem to do that...
I kinda recently accidentally made a map that I now know is pretty bad...


i acutally enjoyed that, despite the simpleness...
Good for you to get the word out, I can't believe some of the crap that got submitted lately.

nicely done

i figured id get a demo...


That was actually kinda fun
Demo Data


probly delete this....

i just felt the need to say it out loud...with a giant exclamation point...