Racin' A Rocket In A Tunnel

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Author schmidty563
Tags author:schmidty563 dda unrated
Created 2006-03-11
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Description this is my very first dda and im actually quite proud of it. now it is a kra dda and i know its short, and nothing compared to crazy ones such as tattletale and such but its my first one and i think its pretty good so give me some comments and tips so i can get better at them.

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We hate them so much because those who love them and use them a lot are worthless noobs!

At least, usually.


Ok for a first one but it's only worth abiyt a 3.5. Not to many close calls and need to be longer. Try to use the same space over again. Oh and about gold dele, why the hell do you people have problems with it adn bumpers and not trap door perposlion? I meen come on people!!!!


a lil short, 4/5 though


thank you for those pointers and ill use them in my next one, but it was short cuz i didnt know what else to do so my next one will be longer and have more enemies and no or very little gold delay, and as for the rating, it doesnt even have a rating yet so wutever, but thanks

A bit short..

If your going to make kraddas, try to make it so when the rocket touches the doors, it just opens in time. Also, dont use Gold Delay in your map because people will rate it higher without it!

For a first dda

in a kra, not bad.
Maybe in another one incorporate some other enemies, like floor guards or thwumps. And make it longer. I felt like this could be extended into a longer dda using the upper part of the screen.
The bounce block propulsion is cool. I like those in a dda.