Exponential Convergence

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Author bobshike
Tags author:bobshike n-art rated
Created 2006-03-13
Last Modified 2006-03-13
by 15 people.
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Description I wanted to see how random a computer can get. Please rate.

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You have a program that gives you the cordinates to make these, Right? This means that you automatically generated (or found the cordinates to) these and didn't take as much time as someone else does with using only basic things like paint. This isn't fair! That is why i don't like your things.


The coordinates for the pieces came from a computer program that used selectively random coordinates. And it has about 4,000 pieces; so I don't believe that anyone could spend time doint it themselves manually. Also, the map you are talking about, It has 15,000 one-wau walls, and they are placed precisely very so that the effect could be created. So the detail in all of those maps is very great and precise. I don't think anything can be more precise that that. Anyways, thanks for your comment. You have inspired me to make even more maps like these.


why do you rate so high? this is just pieces placed all over the place! it isn't cool at all. It is stupid. and how can you see how "random" a computer can be if you did it? you are randome by puting in stupid things and calling yourself "MAJOR LAGGAGE".

Try something new or very detailed. impress me. i dare ya


smtid: I think I did use four colors: yellow (gold), red (mine), black (door-key), and blue (main-door-key). You can load it if you like and see.


gud job 4.5/5
this is cool