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Author bobshike
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Created 2006-03-14
by 6 people.
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Description Whoa! It took me a whopping 18 hours to get these coordinates. I am submitting it just in case the computer crashes. Please don't rate until it is complete. You may comment though.

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18 HOURS!!!

happens to be a lot for 5 dots

p.s. please whack panteroz, hes been told to get a life way more times then you... who does he think he is?

piece o' crap

Get a life ... do you live on n?!?!?!?!


do you even understand what this incomplete means?!


18 hours? that just too dam much, no offense but get a life!


McP3000. I think I'm wasting my time too much. Here is the explanation.

1) First of all, the program coordinates are reverse of the Cartesian coordinates.
2) The center of my star is not (0,0) but (396,300)
3) After getting the coordinates for the unit star, I had to dilate it by a factor.
4) And hardes of (and which took most time) was getting the coordinates. It took ingenuity. I had to use principles of trigonometry (obviously) as well as the golden ratio.

Thanks for your optimism xdude_rox!
you're either lying or wasting too much time

I cant wait

until its finished!! I just know it's going to be awesome!