Lateral Equinox

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Author bobshike
Tags author:bobshike n-art rated
Created 2006-03-14
by 27 people.
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Description Yes! Its a perfect star after the perfect circle. And I mean it when I say perfect. All the geometric properties of the star can be found. After spending 18 hours getting the five coordinates, the equations of the lateral sides were easy to come by. This is NOT the final product of the five coordinates that can be found here: Please comment and rate.

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Nice idea

SnowBlinD. I'll start on that right now. Except for one thing... The star position will have to be the same as you see in this one.


you made a perfect circle and a perfect star......maybe you`ll make perfect pentogram????????? that could be cool
5\5 btw




I think that this is definetlet worth a 5, but could you send me the program too?

If yes i will give you an e-mail

a big 5 from me!!


what the hell? 18 hours? are u like on drugs? no offense but get a life man. it looks cool but not worth 18 hours


what the hell? 18 hours? are u like on drugs? no offense but get a life man. it looks cool but not worth 18 hours


I must say: This amazing.
I tried finding something as PRECISE and as GRAND as this but couldn't find it:
I thought that this one would be a match for it, but its only 4-pointed and those are easy:

So you desserve a 5 from me for originality and preciseness and grandness.

All that work and

only a 4/5 ??? He put a lot of work into this and it looks amazing!

nice...very clever

couldnt have came up with that myself. Thanks for the program...I wouldnt have a clue how to write any programs like not computer smart like that!
I start off with an idea. Let's say the circle. Then I get the mathematical expression of a circle. Since the circle is not a function by definition, I had to separate into 4 segments that ARE functions. Getting the functions was pretty simple but not writing a script for it because, as I mentioned in a previous map, the Cartesian coordinates and its origin is different from the N coordinates and your desired origin. So then, I chose a loop (in all these cases, it was a FOR loop) and plugged in the desired values of x, that in turn gave me y.

It was harder for the star because. The idea came. The algorithm was developed (Meaning the way in which I write the script that gives me the coordinates). And the five coordinates were found. Then, the formulas for the five lines were found and so were their domains. Then using the FOR loop, I wrote the script. The tilesets had to be made independently.
over the forums...lik i can PM you...


xdude_rox. There is one problem: Where do I send it? Lol.


I told you it would be amazing!! 5/5

ps....could you send me that program?? or how do you create programs?