Chain Field

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Author pyroman28
Tags author:pyroman28 dda rated
Created 2006-03-14
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description The second of my Field series(the first being Rocket Field)
Press 1 before you play
and thats about it comment,rate,enjoy

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Mate that totally amazing. how long did it take u??
5/5 + performance for thatone.



he died at the end

Very good

You are good at this. 5/5.


You are a dubm@$$. If it is so easy why don't you make one. To make a DDA using chainguns that are predictable is extremly challenging seeing that chainguns are so unpredictable. 5/5.


it may not be that difficult but it still looks good

uh 2.5/5

um i just dont think its too hard to make a chaingun map.


cool i didn't know about that thanks ill do that next time


i liked the chaingun effect, 5/5 but from now on use the NaN thing to stop the chainguns, it will lag less (just turn the last number in the coding for the chaingun, laser drone, zap drone to NaN and it wont move anymore


great DDA i think its even better than the first 1 of the series i hope there are more to come


i just got sniped

Just like the other

awesome 5/5

The chaingun effect

is surreal.