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Author wellsj
Tags action author:wellsj bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-03-15
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description <<Map 10 in the Wellsj Simplicity Series>>

ninja battles it out with two lazer drones

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This it awesome

definitely should have been featured instead


I think the transition between the first area and the second could be smoother.

5.0 ,)

demo - 98.300
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you goys demos

are bad and dont even work


5/5 and faved!

I <3 this map

Simple yet effective. Easy yet fun. Happy happy sparkle sparkle!!
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great job

Clever and hard

yet very clever
and yet very hard
i liked it and the simplicity. First laser drone was kinda worthless, but whatever. 4.5/5


Haven't seen ye in a while.

But I'm glad you came back with a good map. This was really fun and simple. It was great to play.


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