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Author bobshike
Tags author:bobshike bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-03-16
Last Modified 2006-03-16
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description This map was inspired by AlliedEnvy's Gradient: Of course mine is much inferior and also diffrerent. I will try to get better at this. This is dedicated to xdude_rox who supported me and showed interest in my computer scripted maps. I humbly thank you for your support, xdude_rox. Please comment and rate (this map as well as others).

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so all you did was invert x and y axis...and change the dimensions to fit...great...why is this here again?

did i miss something??


I never was on the verge of doing that....5/5!
Keep it up!


how bored were you to do that?????


clicking that box would mean that I didn't put any input into making the map. But I wrote the script so it really isn't necessary. Also, one could tell just by the map that my program would have to be required for it. Thanks anyways krusch.
just like all of the others 5/5. And thanks a bunch for the ded.!!! Keep up the fantastic work!

You should..

..tick that box which says that the map was made with a mapmaking tool.
But make sure you say you made the program yourself, unless you didn't.
: /