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Author formica
Tags author:formica rated test
Created 2006-03-16
Last Modified 2006-04-05
by 15 people.
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Description Inspired by the song Touched, by Vast.

Every now and again, pure insanity gets mistaken for art. The rambling words of a madman, as a most ingeneious and truly remarkable, original theory. The paint strokes of a seriously derranged and/ or drunk madman as the absolute hight of modern abstract art... or the N level of somebody who really belongs in a cosy room with no sharp objects and a nice, warm straightjacket as a pure masterpiece of level design.

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this is not a food

... as in...

Too segmented? Not enough flow? Too varried? Sequential? Difficulty curve in level bad?

Euch- whatever. I get what you mean.

It was a neat level

with a cool tileset
but i didn't like it that much for somereason
Sorry, but i didnt like the gameplay.


too true.


I really enjoyed this. some parts weren't too exciting, and I can't beat the entire thing, but I enjoyed it. 4.5