This Map Is A Reject

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Author Sweep
Tags author:sweep bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2006-03-17
by 37 people.
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Description I would have some witty story to tell about this map, but I'm all out. So I've written this instead.

This map was featured on 2009-12-11

I've been a fan of this for some time first I bitesized it, and now I'm featuring it. This is a big sexy example of how to keep the flow while abstaining from cookie-cutter tiles. Sweep does a good job of making the flow intuitive, but not obvious at the same time. — rocket_thumped

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This map

is brilliant.
but i really warmed to this map eventually.

here's a 1337 agd.. see what I did there ;/
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4/5 and faved.
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bit faster

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bit faster

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rather cool

nice race and nice feature ;D


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i agree

with flag, the bottom left launch pad was my fav :D

Nice choice.

I'm glad that it's not like your previous review. :P Agd. And 4aved.
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This review restores my faith in humanity. Thanks R_T :P


very nice. 5aved
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Messed up on the flow
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Much faster. All gold.
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Sweet. Beat by one frame.
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really liked it, all about originallity. 4.5/5
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But they can't change the maps I make, so I couldn't care less.

Oh, and in reply to McP3000: don't expect to see many of my maps on NUMA in these few upcoming months... but do expect something big. Let's just say I'm working on something.


uh? *opens dictionnary* *looks word up* *closes dictionnary*.
yep, you're right.
anyway, everyone else will rate up your map, so don't worry about your average rating :P.
numa loves you ;)


this is awesome i agree with everything mcp3000 said, i dont think this could of been made more perfect.... 4.5/5
That's why this map is a reject :D


the right part with the bounceblocks was great (though they could have been doubled), the rest was good/ok. all in all it's definately better than the average race map, but not too exciting either.
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Neat level

glad youve submitted a map sweep
you don't do it enough i think
anyway, 4.5/5 for three things. Flowy for an action map, nice launchpad effects, not insanely hard rockets or gausses. It was mostly your fault if you died.


'tis beatable.
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