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99999999999999999999999999999999/5 for you


MONKEYNUGGETS! 10000000000/5!!!!!!
This N-art is one of the best I have ever seen. This is really setting the standard for all N-art.

The Thumbnail

looks awsome, but close up its not as good

5,000/5 if I could


This musta taken like years....I like it. It will certianly inspire me in the future.


Up close it looks like a piece of messy crap, but from a distance it looks like a work of art. 5/5, and i would give more if I could!


Not I'm.

Oh right.

We're part of a communist world now. I'm keep forgetting to not have an opinion. Sorry, it won't happen again sir.


@ Cossak

Considering that this map is in the "N ART" category, his reasons (no replay value) are totally ridiculous. N Art maps inherently have no replay value. He even admitted it looks great, WTF?

Hence the applied term: "IDIOT".

So I guess it makes since, that if I do not personally like Action maps, I can go and vote them all low for that reason alone? Yes, he does have a right to his opinion, and yes, IDIOT's have rights too.



Freaky Jesus!

Thats awesome!


awesome job 5/5


I am extremely impressed my friend. I have seen good drawn dragons, like pen and paper, but this SURPASSES them all. Really nice job


Couldn't have been better, even using a pencil and paper.

@ Livens

9_4_0_0 has a right to his opinion - thats why the rating system contains 0 all the way to 5 instead of just the five. The art is great but the reasons given for him not liking it are good too. No need for calling him an idiot.


YOU ARE AN IDIOT! 3.5... you should be ashamed of yourself.

this is amazing! Most N art looks better in the thumbnail preview, then you open it up and it looks grainy/blocky not as good. But not this! Looks just as good if not better full size as it does in the thumbnail!

5/5 is what this map IS!


Dude, i have to give you props for that one. If i could make art half as good on paper as you do on this game, I'd be rich! Seriously wicked! Keep it up!
Man you have great art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boy do i wish i was you. I will be a slave/student to you if you need one.


it got to 250 votes xD

i believe you

when you say it's easier to do it by hand.
5 out of 5.

Jaws on the floor

greatest n-art ever created, i mean come on look at it i don't care what anyone says you did a great job



For the record, I once made a map that took 7:36:55 to load.


I think i lost the plot of what i was saying. Ah well.

N-Art is part of N

How can you say N-Art isnt part of N. It shows the capability of what people can do with the Ned. This map deserves to have 5/5 because it is obvious that a lot of time and effort went in to something that in the end did turn out to be really good. While it is true that most what some people say about 3.5/5 and all - they are entitled to their oppinion and bitching at them kind of beats the whole point of rating - this map is an amazing creation.


why does this not have a 5 again?

I don't believe it!

How did you make that man thats so cool and dragons are my favorite creatures. I wish I could do that... well I can but only on paper.100/5


o..m..g... How on earth... HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE YOU? (no offense of course but...) Do you have a life? Is this all you do? YOU COULD SELL THESE THINGS! HOW IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU DO THIS?!


I've seen great art but nothing like this! Definetly a 5/5 from me!

*jaw drops*



This is like, SO COOL. how many years didja take 2 do this brilliant piece of artwork? this is damn nice. Its 5/5, man! Way WOW!

veary cool

look ! you are briliant


This is the Best N art I've ever seen! Keep it up, you rock.




Awesome. 5/5.


Well I can't think of anything to say that someone hasent already! Congrats. Bravo. This is AMAZING!


But how long did it take to make? O.o'

holy monkey

wow thats insane. 5/5 ... i dont see why you would get any less

great map


why would anyone take the time to do something like that? its so silly.... oh wait of course, cuz its f***in amazing

holy crap

thats freaking amazing it must have taken at least a month


how many days did this take?