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dang how much time did u put into this 5/5


Holy Shit! 5/5
wow, you are the best, this is amanzing(but takes a minutes)Yuo must be needed 1 hour min.

A moon...

Sorry, of course; a moon!

Very nice!

This was a very well made map. All tho I don't understand the round open space above the tale...
telling me about phanteraroz. ahm, really not funny. want to know when he submit this map with his name... rofl ;))


This map is well.... Lets say its just the best N map I have ever seen. OK!! I said all I have to say. 5/5


150 votes :P

A Ture Legend

Never shall their be an equal, unless you make another of course.


im new and this is absolutly amazing
5/5 and favd

I am amzed!

Best n art ever!


I cant believe you did this!!!



you have done it again!
i dont think anyone can beat u at drawing n-art
you got all the shading and background and everything!!!!


this picture so goood!!!! i like it!!


This has to be one of the best pictures I have ever seen on N. Great Job Dragon_Moon!

HOLY @$#%!!!!

You either have no life or are the most skilled person in the world!! Keep the maps coming.

This N-art

Will never be paralleled(sp?)


Absolute Perfection

i must say, Dragon_Moon, this is beautiful. 5/5, no dought about it.


#1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111oneoneoneoneonetwo
N Art I mean...I bet that one by wedgie123 has been there forever...and no offense to wedgie, but this has taken it over. And Dragon_Moon, you know that this is amazing!

@ xenoc

You can:
Im 14. And even get older ;)


There is not a word in the English language that can describe this properly. So I can't say anything.

But I will definitely give it a 5/5 ;)

BTW Do you ever go to bed?


Can i ask how old you are

Are you a professional artist or somthing?



this is amazing.
Maybe the best N-art ever,
no, it's the best.


This has got the be the best n art i've ever seen in my......3 days on numa, it's just...FREAKING AWESOME

Almost 100 votes!

And wait. I didn't vote yet. Making a point though; one of the things that gets to me is when people say don't vote it. Basically that sounds like "your opinion differs from mine, I don't want to hear it". We can vote if and what we like.
Also, voting out of effort is.. iffy. Especially when it comes to art. Art takes time, sure. But the end product is what gets rated really.
So what do I give this, as the 100th vote?
I could rate it 0 and it wouldn't affect the score.


OMG thats sooo cool, i dont even know how to make maps O.o


you have waaaaay too much time on your hands


incredible details. very impressive

amazing :O

very good imagination you have!


this is INSANE,5/5, WOW




of course. but i dont really like the spaced out gold in the seems to give it an un-finished look. But thats just me, and chances are im wrong XD
N Art has a place on NUMA, and the fact that Dragon_Moon just makes dragons is fine with me.

lets put it this way: even if you hate N Arts and are bored of dragons, dragon_moon put a ton of work into this N art, and we should all remember that this is just amazing, technology or not.

if he tired really freaking hard on one map, it may be the way he makes maps. me, i got no problem with that.

Even if the category is not playable, we can always respect the fact that n arts made it into the userlevels that you download too, and they are the best maps that they didnt put into the game. We all know that.

Remember that ned is no all-powerful graphics program, no offence metanet, and that this is just stupendous compared to any N Art i have ever seen

5/5... what more can be said?


everybody does have a point...its not related to n...

but i still say it has its place in balancing the other kinds of levels just as each other category balances the others...

i mean say arts are over-rated...well, only 2 of the top ten levels are arts...
that doesnt seem to unbalanced to me...there are 6 action levels, i could argue that they are over-rated if i really tried...theres only 1 puzzle, no test level which shouldnt be there....

i mean, honestly people...if you want fairness in ratings, why attack the only category that is has the right amount of top ratings relative to the top ten...2 out of ten is one fifth...there are 7 real categories (test level doesnt count, its just for testing ideas) they cant all be equal, thats a decimal...

im done with arguing, you get my point...


This is the most amazing N-art I have ever seen.
Screw those people who say N-art is overrated.


This must've taken so long! I really wanna say that N art does have a place, but as far a 7min download or whatever, I'd rather just bookmark the fullscreen picture site, but my hat and hair and all goes off to you for this incredible picture!
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clear things up

i thought N was about a ninja, dodgin enemies, collectin gold, gettin to the exit before time runs out, performing cool tricks, close calls etc. the thing about N art is - (cue Neo on top of the elevator) "there is no ninja". that's what bothers me.

Yes, there's a lot of talent required and a heap of effort has gone into this, but i prefer playable maps. I _like_ playable maps. i think that playable maps are strictly better than N art because of their playability.

when i rate a map, i base the rating on three things: how much i liked the play style (was it new or challenging, was it well balanced, etc), how much i liked the placement of objects and design of the level (are the tiles used properly, does the map flow, are there too many enemies, does it lag, etc) and then whether its cool or not, which i admit is a cop-out so i can cover myself.

anyway, the most an N art map will get from me is a 3, and in really exceptional, exceptional circumstances (chicken eating a banana in hot lava comes to mind) a four. But i find that people think this is innapropriate, so i dont vote.

thats my two cents, although from its length its probably closer to twenty bucks.

let me just say

<Deleted by moderator>