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Well said Nem

'cept for the part about most races not being eye-appealing :P

But if a person takes his time and patience out of his life to create something appealing to us for our entertainment (so to say), and if it works on that basis, it is worthy of a high rating. In this case, it is clearly a 5/5 for effort and effect


Thank you. Your the only one who is for N Art that can give an actuual reason. But the reason I and many others came to NUMA is to play N, not look at it. And Warmarmidilo, why? Thats a silly way to rate a map. Whatever happened to enjoying a map because it was fun, this although taking much longer than an Action or Puzzle, is not 'fun', you can not play it. End point. Thats all I'll say.

@wellsj and 9400

I think that we should rate maps on the effort put into them and not whether we like them or not. I personally dont have much time for N Art but this is a really good piece of work so 5/5
its a way to give users a place to make awesome looking levels... since many good action maps arnt really eye appealing, and race maps rarely are...
puzzles can have some artistic parts in them just cuz they are limited play-wase
but art gives users a chance to actually see something and not worry about playing it and giving takes skill to make good art with limited colors and items, and although it may not be playable...

art balances the hard core, awesome players and insanely difficult levels with something anyone enjoy without getting frustrated cuz its too hard...

similar to a great dda, in dda's the ninja does stuff we could not or simply cannot do and it also requires no actual skill on the part of the player...its something for nothing

if you think art has no place, then neither do dda's...
they do the same thing in different ways
(dont get me wrong, i like dda' first level was a just making a point)

very well done

5/5 faved

You know what that means from me
Great art!!!

talent* took*

you know what I meant
It's about making creative levels and getting others to play it or see it. N Art is one of the best things because it takes tlent and time to do. This must have too hours upon hours of work and laggage. So why don't you guys try this and see how it feels after hours of work! And then others rating it down to dirt. I love N Arts and this is amazing! Just rate what you enjoy. Don't rate it down because you dislike N Arts, just ignore rating. Now have a nice day everyone :)

"You can comment, but dont ruing Dragonmoon's rating because of ignorance."
Good one, McP3000. N-art might be good to say "wow that looks ok, and I bet took alot of work". But it isn't a map and there is nothing exciting. And everyone, you can't tell people not to rate a map less than 5/5 just because they actually accept what the worth of the map is. Now this does look good, and obviously had alot of work put into it. But as others have said, it's getting old. And N-art isn't really suitable for a map archive..
<Deleted by moderator>
"N art is a freaking joke. It has nothing to do with the game. . . "

"When I joined NUMA, a 3.5 was a good rating."

i just dont wanna see these comments lost in the crowd, they deserve some thinking about.

personally, i dont like N-art. The effort that goes into making this map could have gone into making three really enjoyable, moderately good race maps or two clever, eye-opening puzzles, or four heart-pounding action maps. but instead, we get a picture of a dragon. hmm. very exciting.

in case the sarcasm leaves any doubt, i side with wellsj and 9_4_0_0_. N art has no place on NUMA.


shit thats good
Really nice work, just great and I love the wings!! 5/5


i was shocked when i saw this. you are by far the best N-artist on NUMA. i love your work. ^_^


I'm blown away.

one of the best

definitely one of the best N-arts

too much time on ur hands...?


I really like the chest and the wings, even though it kinda looks like the right wing is on the left side of the body.

Most of it looks really fuzzy though. Especially the bottom part. Oh well.

Well I do this with DDAs already, but I'm gonna do it for N arts too. I'm never gonna rate above a 4.5, since both DDAs and NArts don't really have replay value. Some exceptions though.

Anyway, I'm deciding between a 4 and a 4.5 right now. I'll get back to you on that.


by the way, this is awesome work.


are you idiots (down at the middle) kidding?!
how could you get mad at 9400?
i agree with his rating frankly. N art is a freaking joke. it has nothing to do with the game and its not fun or anything. i never rate them because of that. dragonmoon is obviously really talented with drawing but i dont think his skills belong on N. and you guys obviously dont get the rating system because you dont want to "ruin" his rating with a 3.5. when i joined N 3.5 was a good rating. now its like hell to get one. whatever.
<Deleted by moderator>


Once those guasses got at me, I broke 1000 ms/f!!!!! W00t!!!

1 word...

FREAK!!! (in a good way, 4.5/5


5/5 thats just great.

From Thumbnail,

The eyes look dodgy. The wings look absolutely fantastic. The clouds behind them are cool and the rock the dragon is standing on is pretty damn awesome.
So with that in mind, i give you a 4.5


I wish I could give this a 100/5
oh well...
I guess I will have to settle with giving this a 5/5


this coming from someone who really doenst like N-arts...That looks really awesome


<Deleted by moderator>

Good job

the wings look great! really good job on the light there.
belly also looks great.
unfortunatly it's a little hard to see hind claws, and the head outline is a little fuzzy.
but great job on the wings again.


Just so you know their have been tons of maps wiht a perfect 5/5 rating. Just not many stay long..

@9_4_0_0_; @el-umi

Yeah, I was very angry cause this map is, in my opinion, soo great and I thought it could be the first map with only 5/5 ratings. This was, I must say, silly of me, because how can I believe that everybody love this dragon?

Pardon @9_4_0_0_.

I was so fucking angry at the moment I red your comment, you can't imagine! ;)


Damn typos.
Since when was NUMA all about ratings.
Since when is a person not aloud to voice an opnion.
Since when is a 3.5/5 a bad rating.
Since when is actually saying the reasoning for a rating a bad thing.

Well anyways, you have yours and I have mine.

Just noticing something here. When I look at the thumbnail I can't really see the dragon very well. But when I see it full sized it just looks like crap.

I Agree With El umi

On everything he said.
And Mc3000: You do understand what numa is for right? Or do you think that it is all about the ratings. The ratings are not there to prove the best mapmaker. Ratings mean nothing. Numa is for sharing maps, not some big competion. That is the greatness of Bitesize numa - No ratings.
Also - On numa everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Telling people what to rate things would be like telling people who to vote for. I Think this is a very good map that deserves a 4.5, but that is my opinion as is everything I just said. You may disagree but hopefuly what I said may help some of you see what Numa is about.


You shouldn't hate or get angry at 9_4_0_0 just because he doesn't think this is a great n-art. there are people in the world who might see this and think that this isn't as great as other people see it and others who do. If he thinks this deserves a certain rating you shouldn't get on his case for it. Atleast he came out and gave a reason why it should get what he gave unlike others who would give this a 0 without explaining why. As for my rating i agree with 9_4_0_0, and i don't see this as the greatest one ever. I think this type of n-art is being overdone. Don't get me wrong this is good, but i think you should expand your talent in a different direction. Also, the rating system is there so you could give your opinion, and you can't tell a person not to rate something just because you think it deserves a better rating. I give it a 4/5 i think its good but you really should try something different. ( I knew that people would get tired of my n-arts, that's why i decided to stop and start making tile arts and i only did a couple of those.) WOW This is the longest review i ever wrote for a map.
9400 and everyone that shares his opinions piss me off.
Dont rate the damn thing.
You can comment, but dont ruing Dragonmoon's rating because of ignorance.

im not gonna rate..

just plainly because im lazy...i think its cool and everything...its just not very i'll just leave it at that...make something other than a bloody dragon.


I hate people who rate down greate maps! This N-art is the best in numa and when YOU DON'T AGREE WITH N-ARTS THEN DON'T RATE THEM!!
And drawing such a Dragon in N is not easier than making a good DDA level.

I realy can't believe this...

And I know...

I'll be ridiculed for this. But oh well. And yes, I have given N-Art higher than a 3.5/5, but that was about 3 months ago, and it's getting old.


Just too bad really. Looks great and everything, but it has no real value to me. I look at it for what, 30 sec. and then I'm done. No replay, or should I say re'look' value. So for that I give you a 3.5/5