Fast as a bullet

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Author Shadow_soul
Tags author:shadow_soul dda unrated
Created 2006-03-17
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Description My first actual level! A little to many bounsers used I think. Buuuuut... later I'm going to make a V.2. Comments and ratings greatly appreciated. :)


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This level is my official posting spot now. Any time I make a new level, I'll post it here. By the way, I have two new levels.

hey it's me!

I'm back as me again, to correct myself...I now have two new levels, both posted in the last 2 minutes! woot

tee hee

hey, Shadow, I logged into your account cause I was bored and wanted to see if you had any new levels up. Why are you posting during school? Shouldn't you be working or something? By the way, this is Junko speaking.
:) oh yeah, check out my maps cause I've got a new one up.

Dang it!

Somebody review my level! I'm in the middle of school and I'm bored! >(


yeah, Shadow, you said "what's the point of V.2?", but then your talking about helping for V.2., so that really didn't make sense. "Also ideas ratings and comments are greatly appreciated. :)" is just repetitive and therefore pointless. Yeah, that propulsion thing wasn't meant to be just thwumps, I meant that as an example, because there's also fake tiles, teleportation, and lots of others I don't have time to list.......soooo.....bleargh.

Ultimate Lag Map

It was good but LAGGY. Still, it's worth a 3.5.

Bouncers! Whatever,

Anyway, JUNKO! I know I put to many bouncers and random enemys but what's the point of V.2? Also Ididn't mean to put 4 doors in, that's just from when I was testing in debug mode. In V.2 I'll have just 1 door, a few less enemys, less gold delay and bouncers, and I might use your idea of thwumps pushing me around. Also I need ideas to help me out making a better V.2. Also ideas ratings and comments are greatly appreciated. :)


I guess someone else posted while I was typing, but I meant Shadow_soul lives next to me. et890 does have a good point on the lag time, because it's hard to see what's going on. Taking out enemies, bouncers, and gold would help with that. Also, you don't really need 4 exits, because 1 is fine.


hello, I know you know me, seeing as I live across the street from you, but that's not the point. 1. it's spelled bouncer, not bounser. 2. There are too many bouncers, but as a first it's actually not that bad. 3. If it wasn't your first I'd give you a 2.5, but since It's your first I'd say a 3. In V.2, try to reduce the amount of bouncers, especially where there's big clumps of them, because you only need two or three, if you space them enough and place them in good positions. Another thing is to use only as much gold as you need to finish the level. If you don't NEED any gold, don't put any, except for gold delay, which you should also try to use as little as you can. Lastly, always try to use small amounts of enemies, but just put them in places that make close calls, because having a lot of enemies that miss by a lot. I look forward to a version two, but try to use different types of propulsion, like being pushed by thwumps, or whatnot.


man really dont use so much gold delay it was really long loading time and really laggy wen i ran it

i wont rate for now