Random Field

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Author pyroman28
Tags author:pyroman28 dda rated
Created 2006-03-17
Last Modified 2006-03-17
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description This is the third DDA of the field series
for this one i made a program that put 50 random enemies in random places on the map and then made it into a DDA
also something new to this DDA is it is my first DDA without gold delay(unless you count the gold on the blocks which i don't think counts)
remember to press 1 before you play and to
rate comment enjoy

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Lots of close calls, and that's what gets DDAs 5/5'd from me & fave-outta-faved for me.


What else can I say? 5/5
I'm speechless.. it was so good... 5/5+favorited!


Hey, i think it is a gud DDA with some quite close calls. What i want to know is: Could you put out the program to d/load? Thanks.
nowadays, enemy packed ddas dont get high ratings nemore. This doesn't deserve anything more than 3/5. 2.5/5.

It's good, but..

..enemy-packed DDAs are a-dime-a-dozen nowadays. Try something more creative.

Oh my god

5/5. I guess you saw that coming




Amazing. It's depressing to realize that I will never become as great a mapmaker as you.



The bug at the last end is awesome! It sounds like my heart beating while looking at the level! 5.0/5.0! Faved!




Nice DDA... Alittle hard to follow but he does survive..