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Author bobshike
Tags author:bobshike playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-19
Last Modified 2006-03-19
by 8 people.
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Description This was the first map I ever made and it is the last I will ever submit. I am saying farewell to the N and I won't be playing it for a long time. I was seriously addicted to this game. But I realised I had a strength, which was to committ to things. So I made a commitment not to ever play this game until I am done and satisfied with other things.

Gold placement was inspired by great-sea.

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i hope you come back soon, and good luck in everything in your future


enjoy your committments.

and let me be the second to give you an all-gold, slightly faster than nemetacysts.

i loved most of your maps, so its sad to see you go.

and btw, thats the best first map i ever seen.
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i agree
For each day one good mapper leaves
ten n00b mapmakers take his place.
Numa thanx you.

well its slow

but let me be the first to give you an all gold demo...
you have been a great addition to numa, even though i have disliked your recent "arts"

farewell for now
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You're leaving us :( Seriously man...I will miss you, you have been great to me and the users of Numa. I appreciate everything you did. God Bless!! And come back soon (please). 5


We will all miss you.
Have fun with whatever you're doing.