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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-20
by 43 people.
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Description 29-4 in my Legacy pack. This one goes from an enclose mine jumper to a climber to a chaingun puzzle. This is probably my best overall map ever.

This map was featured on 2010-04-30

Today I was looking through my magic list for a map that I could write a little bit about fairly quickly, one that put itself forward as an obvious subject for a short (but sweet) review. I found Retro, an awesome two-section landscape that's part minejumper, part shooter.

Within, the ninja is essentially competing in one of those "Space Olympics" events, and the station is self-destructing in a few minutes. Also the aliens are coming, so get the flying fuck out. — flagmyidol

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... is that one direction is much easier than the other. Other than that it is very neat.


demo, pretty good map, I have had more fun with other maps though. I dunno, actually. The action part is great and quite tense, the minejumper part is difficult and precise, both two great things, but they don't seem to work as great together as they should have, imo.
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i remeber this map

i loved it.
If what you're saying is that most people have actually beaten all the maps multiple times, I'm very impressed.


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Since everyone who's anyone has played Legacy through and through anyway. :)

I love how on every featured map people always feel the need to mention how they were "just playing this map a few ago". Does that make you somehow superior because you found the map first? I don't understand. xD

Good review for a nice map though. Funny, I don't usually like nevermore maps. They're too challenging for me in general.


this is a great map but it's already received a lot of attention..
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This is sexy.

I remember playing this on NReality. Good times. 4/5

Nice pick.



I just played it several days ago. Definitely 5aved.

tight mine jumpers

used to be considered puzzles.


back in the day where all mine-jumpers were considered puzzles :S

Space Olympics

is a song by the Lonely Island.

I don't understand

how this is considered a puzzle
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Speed all-gold...

Quite good, quite good.
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Speed demo...

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I got the switch

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I remember...

Going through your maps, waiting for something extraordinary, and then this came up and I was blown away. Easily your best Legacy map, possibly your best map overall, and certainly in my top 10 all-time favorites.

5 ninjas, needless to say.
But this is the furthest I've managed so far. I really like this one, and is a fave from the Legacy series. Well done.
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My 1337th vote.

I loved this one.

The difficulty is perfectly balanced either way and the contrast between the rest of the map and that tileshape in the top-right is just brilliant.

Great stuff.

Loved it.

Probably the best legacy level by you.
It's quite a worthy map (very nice mine jumping) but it doesn't seem all that interesting to me. I'll rate it later though, as I need to think about the rating.


From left to right. In my opinion, going the way I went is more fun than going the other way, but either way is fine.
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This was one of my favorites... I remeber it. 5ed and faved. I would make a demo but I stink at em. Good job on the map though... =p