H.I.M. Symbol

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Author RavenMac
Tags author:ravenmac n-art rated
Created 2006-03-22
by 36 people.
Map Data

Description This was the symbol for the band H.I.M., but my friend said that the band quit and taht is all i know since im not a big fan.

It isn't perfect, but all i used was the programs Paint and Notepad and I also used some basic knowlege of the cordinates of stuff.

I placed everything a certain distance appart. I also got bored with the tile set.

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Tileset is really good.



you make the best n art i have ever seen in my entire life!!!

tkank you :3


All these...just amazing. 5/5aved

i know

thats what i did


but is it just me or does it seem like it would take forever to move ur mouse over each point in paint and make that corresponding coordinate in N. i mean, it seems liek u would have to put ur mouse over a ton on paint just to get the coordinates

what i do is...

1) i get a pic onto paint(I like to be able to see the borders like this and my psp)
2) i decide to space everything out a certain didsance in any direction(i used 7 pixles including the one it starts on)
3) make the border using the amx you decided
*) notice that the cordinates on paint match that of the map
4) open a word document (i like notepad) and coppy the tileset from the game to the notepad
5) the first number in the code(10^24, 24) this represents a rocket, others do other things. experiment with these. the second number is what pixle in the x- axis. this moves everything left or right. The last number is the y-axis. This moves everything up or down.
6) when you have paint open, wherever your cursor goes, there is a set of cordinates at the bottom right hand corner. this is the cordinates you put in for the second and last set of numbers. all you have to do is coppy that number and put in the item number you want and repeat for the rest of the items untill you are complete with all of it.

This may take a wile ot understand, but it is the fastest way i know of putting the things i want with the most acuracy.

Also the order you put the things in, te order they will apear. it is quite entertaining watching the likes role out


do u use paint to make n arts?

This is dead on!!

sweet art man, and I hate snipers but you would get a 5/5 from me anyways

what the...?

I thought this would get more than a 4!

I gave it a 3.5

But I was the deciding vote, and after I gave it a 3.5 it was at a 4.5

So someone definitely gave it like a 0 or 1 or something.


did somebody snippe this????
it deserves more!!!!!

Thats good

HIM are good too, I like this.


golly gosh this is a damn good map you have there,
gosh its a good lev......