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Author element113
Tags author:element113 dda rated
Created 2006-03-23
by 9 people.
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Description fun DDA, took me a while to make so please rate good

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a bit boring...

Other propulsion techniques include thwumps pushing N together, trapdoors shutting on N's ass, and bouncers. There are also teleporters, if that counts as propulsion. If you want to see examples of those propulsion, look at my DDA titled 'Thwump through the Mine Cave'. Don't forget to rate it!

PS. And remember, DDA's should be action packed, filled with enemies, and very, very life-threatening! Hope these tips get your imagination running! Don't forget to have numerous close calls.


check out some of my DDA's for maybe a bit of inspiration

good level but...

try to lay off the bounce pads and use other means of propulsion! 3/5


I don't like it much,too many springs,I mean,no offense,you have a good nak for re-using tilesets and doing it good too.I'll rate a 3.5/5 for your effort,and BTW please lower the amount of springs, and keep it up...your getting better at making maps...good job.