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Author wellsj
Tags author:wellsj bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-23
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description <<Map 14 in the Wellsj Simplicity Series>>

A quick and easy jumper. made for you to get all gold.

This map was featured on 2015-04-19

More than 235,000 maps. There's a lot of dreck there, but also many, many good maps. Among those maps, there are those that I would call excellent, and yet another subset of those maps are the ones that I would consider worthy of a feature.

But beyond that, there is yet another category: maps that don't deserve a feature, but demand it, where I feel honestly feel privileged to be the one to write it.

Apollo is such a map. Simple, yet challenging; jagged, yet enthralling, this is a map that deserves to share its name with a god. — lifdoff

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Generic and boring.


Following tiki's logic, Aidiera next feature should be a DDA. Probably, wizard2, Clifty or maybe even me. :p :D

Speedrun. Nice feature lifdoff.
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There have been a bunch of deleted maps. And after delisting was introduced, we still have the problem of missing numbers. So we might be close to 200K, but not yet to 235K.
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And a speedrun.

Sorry for spamming, I guess. :P
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Demo Data
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Well, delisted maps are still there, so I would count them. And I doubt that 35,000 map IDs are empty, but then again we have no way of knowing.

But of course I see your point. :)


with all the maps that have been deleted and delisted, I doubt there's even 200,000 maps.
For example, lifdoff=jumper. Not saying it's a bad thing, just something of interest.


forgot you could do this
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Well, that was fun.
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At the very end!
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I completed it, but it isn't worth the demo. Well made. Get on IM, i wanna talk


i especially like the bottom jumps. i like the simplicity! lets see demos