Thwumping For Dummies

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Author wellsj
Tags author:wellsj featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-26
Last Modified 2006-03-27
by 36 people.
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Description one of the first real puzzles on N. i mean its hard to figure out. really! check it out

i might edit

This map was featured on 2013-08-29

Be warned: 

Your new Pet Thwump is no fun to clean up after and hard to potty train. Also, many pet thwumps make poor cuddling companions.

Your chances of death by suffocation, disembowelment, blunt force trauma, traumatic asphyxia, loss of blood due to loss of limb all increase about 94%. — zoasBE

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amusing review.

well done. vintage puzzle from a classic author..

Brilliant puzzle!

Haven't seen one of these in a long time. Well executed!

great showpiece of less is more, this is a cinco, señor!

at least some map worth of something, gg now.

to palenoom: lol.


neat little puzzle, wish i had made this.
Demo Data

This and the sequel [] are two really awesome maps. Cannot believe this is 7 years old though - I remember making that MasterJmd demo like it was yesterday!

I'm rather amazed

that such a puzzle can be made using just thwumps and straight corridors.

Please guys,

if you haven't played this map yet before, don't watch any run/solution, try it yourself before.
You could ruin your experience if you see any demo before playing.


of course. i'll make it longer...and harder :)

Oh yes,


Just be sure to not make it a worse version of this, I think a level like this has room for growth etc...


you guys want a sequal?
Going a different route around the right side. I still love this map and can't wait for another like it.
Demo Data

That was..



yes it does need it...

You don't need

the locked door on the far right. If you watch my demo I didn't use it once. BTW great map. Fav'd!
Demo Data

Very Clever

Maps like this aren't done enough
(or done well enough)
5/5 and fav'd

Nice Map

simple, yet puzzling... its nice to see someone make a simple yet elegant map


thanks guys. i guess i dont need editing. puzzle'd


This blew my mind! :O

I LOVE this level!


I forgot to rate!! 5aved




5/5 btw


don't you put this as a puzzle?


I love this!
Very well made. 5 + faved.
Demo Data

So close

Demo Data
but this is as far as I can further??!!
Demo Data

i know how to do it

now its just a matter of doing it. great puzzle, very clever