Maze of mines

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Author angrymob
Tags author:angrymob playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-26
by 6 people.
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Description In the picture you can see 4 exit doors one of them does not work (easiest)
there are lots of ways you can take to win so keep you eyes open
i realy liked mine paths and mine dodgers so i thought i should make one like it
Replay coming soon
I beat it but unfortunately i was playing it in debug mode and forget to press 1 to record demo

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I beat it a bunch of doifferent ways, and now i beat it backwards.
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Demo Data


the exits have launch pads on them. lame. 1.5/5


This was pretty fun and re-playable. Non-completion.
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even though im not a big fan of mine-jumpers, I really liked this one. Check out my new levels; nothing revolutionary, but fun nonetheless.