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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-28
by 31 people.
Map Data

Description Atmospheric and ephemeral, highly inspired by Salvador Dali's artwork, this is without a doubt my best map ever.
My best map ever. Let it resonate.
Please give me feedback. This is my most artistic map ever, and I'd like to know what people think.

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All gold

Demo Data


Dali is one the greatest artist ever. Period.
Great map.

Best I could do...

Well going for all gold anyway, I would've been able to do it had the gold not held me up =]
Demo Data


Nice gameplay... mindbogglingly fantastic tileset. 4.5 ninjas.


I think I accidentally gave this a low rating.
I'm so sorry if I did, I really didn't mean to.
Boost it up, people.


Very, very cool atmosphere here.
Wonderful tileset.
Wonderful enemy choice and placement.

And you say you're a "has been"?

if you ask me. Nice and simple. But there were a lot of ties. I dont make any sense do I? If I did, I would make cents to buy scents with the cents I got from making sense, but this is incomprehensible, so Ill be quiet.

very cool

but nowhere near your best. Still 4.5.


I agree though, not your best. I still really liked it. 4.5 and fav'd


i guess it looks like a city and ur banished to the underground of it, that makes sense, but it kinda looks like jars lol

was goin

for all gold but decdied to stop adn complete it
Demo Data

Nice map.

A bit too impracticed right now to make a demo. *is ashamed*
Those are puffs of smoke coming from the chimneys.
I.... suppose it's open to interpretation...
the bad men in white suits try to make me look at looks like one of those lego cities being built with bricks falling from the sky.

I like this map, its short clean and to the point. I don't think it's your best ever though.
It's a city. I thought the name and the theme might... ah.
Never mind.

kinda like

buildings or jars
yea jars thats it
kinda liek jars of baby food or jelly or wutever
by the way good map

Quick question

What does the top half look like to you?