Thwumping For Smarties

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Author wellsj
Tags author:wellsj playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-03-29
Last Modified 2006-03-29
by 17 people.
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Description well, you wanted an extra challenge? here it is. its really hard to make these.

so. my goal on this map (like the other one) was to have it be really easy IF you knew how to do it. the entire map is just figuring out where to go and at what times. there isnt as much timing as there is knowing were to go, but we'll see how people do. of course since this map is bigger than Thwumping for dummies there is more than one way to complete it. some faster than others.

lets see who can bring back a speedy demo!

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no. not complaining. i'd just rather see a comment and a 0 than just a 0
Brilliant. The way all the thwumps play a part on eachother in this is amazing, I'll check back for a completion some time later, otherwise 5 and faved.
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..even though it's top rated with 4.5/5?

I mean, how?


we have two (Im speaking for my map and yours although you probably dont like mine) great maps without full ratings, wheras computer222 has 10 bad rated maps.


and dont snipe it next time. please tell me what you think

heres completion

i decided to submit
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just to lazy to complete something this hard and well thought out...notice the HARD part...

i have

a demo ready. someone has to beat it first before i post one. ill email it to u if u dont think its possible i guess. thats unlikely though
5/5, as far as I got
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