Rocket Dodging... Muffins

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Author Methodic
Tags action author:methodic playable rated
Created 2006-03-31
Last Modified 2006-03-31
by 17 people.
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Description Rocket dodging muffins. I'll give everyone a second to ponder that. 00-1. 00-0 can be found here:
Enjoy. Go for the gold. Meant to be easy.

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how fool

wrong demo..
here's my speed AGD... :)
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Demo Data


i quite like this- fun and cool looking- but i dont think its a 4.5- but a 4/5 definatly

haha sweet name

and map! 5/5


I understand :). One of those maps that's good but isn't anything really special?

Nothing to suggest.

There's nothing wrong with it at all.
It's just that there's nothing here to justify a higher rating.

It's a nice average filler map.

I agree.

McP, I appreciate your generosity, but my maps don't deserve that.... yet :). A 3.5 seems like a pefectly fair rating to me ATOB. Anything you would suggest?


I'll admit, it's kinda cool. But there's nowhere near enough here to justify a 5/5.

Mcp... you rate almost all of methodics maps 5/5. IMO, not even half of them deserve that. And this goes for every author here, myself included.

ALL of you should really think a little more about what each map deserves.

Honestly? THis map would get a 3.5 from me. It's a cute little map. simple and fun.

You all need to learn that 3.5-4 is what you rate maps you really like. 4.5 and 5s are reserved for the truely classic.
maybe more 00-3 or 4 but still, 5/5 and faved
Glad that you've created a really neat new style.
I mean you cant make episodes repetetive, so dont over do it in the episodes, but loooking forward for some more like this

Shaved 40 frames...

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Faster AGD

Nice, fun little map.
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I like it.

Very nice simplistic level.


Two votes in two reloads? Strange.


im catching up on your old ones now.

Thanks as well.

My levels have gotten less difficult after you took a break because of work.


Yeah iv had a lot of work for the last couple of weeks. Im trying to get back into it though.

Bye the way, i think its definatly a good idea for you to do episodes, because most of your levels are too hard for most people, and this way theyll be able to play at least some of them. Nice work :)


Nice demo dude. Where you been? I've missed ya :).

Nice level

Good fun. AGD.
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