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Author Methodic
Tags action author:methodic playable rated
Created 2006-04-01
by 16 people.
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Description 00-2. Fun and not too hard, but don't underestimate the difficulty. Go for all gold. Dedicated to brocerius because of his fabulous demo on this map: .

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Too hard?

This was my first try
Demo Data


not my kinda style- 3.5/5 cause to hard for a 00.
seems iritating and cinda clutered with the bounce blocks.
otherwise fun, and interesting play, if its a bit anoying


its an 00 episode, supposed to be easy...
anyway; clean, fun, simple good map.

Well goshers.

Dang gee whiz, glad you liked it. I can't believe you think I have awesome style. That feels great coming from you nevermore. I'll try it out. Polish it is!


This is a very good map.
I think it would be better if you let some of your amazing style show through. The only thing it's lacking is absolute polish.
It reminds me of LouDog's map "Roots."


Wow Korbachev, thanks! I didn't know you liked my maps. Again, excellent demo Brocerius.

I love it

Seriously, Methodic, you are amazing. It's good to try new styles like this. Experiment.

At last

Iv got all-gold. I was worryued about the bit below the rocket, but it wasnt too bad. Thanks again.

Demo Data

Cool map!

Nice, free, and open. I like it.


heres the demo. AGD coming
Demo Data


A new style! very unMethodic, but very good. All-golding has its usuall difficulty, but very fun to shoot around on the bounceblocks. Thanks :)

Speedyish demo. AGD coming up.

and rate


too easy

but fun.