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Author skateman
Tags action author:skateman playable rated
Created 2006-04-01
by 6 people.
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Description As N looked into his drink, he thought he had seen a fly, but it was most likely jest some dried blood. Not that any of it was his, but he had just gotten away from a lot of mean looking thugs that were from an evil corperation. He sighed. They had killed his team and everyone he had worked with, his friends, enemies, people who he didn't care about unitl now. He pushed the thought away, it didn't matter now, they were all dead and that was in the past. They had tried to kill him too, but he had escaped, and they, out of pure boredom or maybe their work hours were up (hey, any job could get some good hours, like 10:00 to 3:00), he didn't know, but they had given up chasing him. Or did they ever chase him? Ah, well. He took another sip. You drank the dried blood, didn't you? Said his nagging inner voice. He once again pushed the thoughts away. He then had an idea. A wonderful idea. He should take revenge. Yeah, he should go kill those maniacs that had killed his team and taken away his life, since his only life was his job. Then the inner voice came back. Are you going to go up against those greedy, evil warlords with unlimited resources and minions who would rather kill you than think about you? Instead of pushing the voice away, he took that into consideration. What he had just decided to do was crazy, and he would most likely be killed. Then he took a look at his beer again. First, he thought, he would have to get very, very drunk. "I need 7 more pints please." he pleasantly told the bartender. The bartender, who was having a very rough day today, looked at him suspiciously, but poured the beer anyway. "That'll be 30 dollars." He had gained this air of command over practicing this over and over again, and it usually made the person who was paying more act more seriously. N, however, had retained his crazy, yet pleasant air around him, which made the bartender even more suspicious. N paid him a 50. "Keep the change." N chirped pleasantly. Now, the bartender could not stand N anymore, for he usually kicked pleasant people out, mostly because they made other people uncomfortable and leave. He pushed a button under the counter and about 20 armed men came at N. He sighed again, and decided he would drink after he had fought them off.

I had this idea for so long, and i decided to make a story to go with it. Please notice this, unlike 50% of all my maps, because I do not want to write the story again. Play, rate, comment, ect.

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Nice story, like it a lot...

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