Crossing Guard

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Author Methodic
Tags action author:methodic playable rated
Created 2006-04-01
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description And so ends episode one. Quite challenging, but I like it. Reminiscent of my older styles, especially because I've had this one in storage for a while. I just fine-tuned it and I think it fits pretty well.

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That's an excellent suggestion. I shall do it for the next maps. ATOB, I understand completely. I just want to know how to improve.
and snipers suck! 5/5
Why not put the level numbers (00-0, 00-1, etc.) in the level name?
It'd be much easier to navigate through the levels, don't you think?

BTW, you have some really great maps. I'd rate all of em right now if I didn't have stuff to do.

Anyways, this gets 4.5 from me.


It happens mate. Almost all of my maps are rated down or blatantly sniped with no comment.
Mostly though, if it's not a major drop in one vote, then it's just your map finding it's rightful place.

From number 2 to drop in one vote whilst still retaining it's 4.5 status could be the result of a 3-a 4 vote. Both of which would be around what this is worth.

You shouldn't get used to high ratings all the time. Not an attack against you, at all, but I don't think most of your maps deserve the super high ratings they receive.


i just noticed... this level is fairly similar to staged. Its basically a better version. nice one. Did you have that in mind?

It's their opinion.

I have no objection to it. However, I just don't understand the problem with not commenting.

they didn't like it. Just a thought.

Was ok, not really great though.

2nd top rated.

Rated down. I just don't understand why.


this is giving me quite a lot of trouble... but at the same time, i cant stop trying again, its too much fun! excellent job dude.


I cant wait for episode two.

Good episode

overall. Very enjoyable. And this is an excellent send-off. I would, however, have swapped round levels 0 and 1 in terms of difficulty. If you could rate an episode i would giv this an easy 4.5/5. Nice one.

Very agreeable.

4.5 was a good rating for this. Maybe a 4 would be more suitable, but 4.5 works too :).


Its a shame when people rate maps because of the author not the map. Allthough i think it was a very accurate rating :)


Nope, he gave it a 4.5. I really don't care what he gave it, he didn't actually play it. It got a 4.5 like 10 seconds after it was posted.
did he give you a 5 without commenting???
Thats almost like reverse sniping


very un methodic-cal....haha pun
anyway liked the new tilsets and different styles. Can still tell its you from a mile away, but that just happens when authors develop individual styles.


Thanks mysterious rater, but I'd appreciate it if you actually played the map.