lot -o- rockets

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Author rollingstones993
Tags author:rollingstones993 dda rated
Created 2006-04-02
by 7 people.
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Description PRESS 1 BEFORE YOU START PLAYING OR IT WILL NOT WORK. i should have added more enemies but once u add one it messes all the other ones up. it looks like he dies half way through but he does not so plz do not rate it bad just because u think he dies.have fun, rate and comment plz i am trying to get better at dda so plz give me advice.


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liked all the chainguns and close calls. and a DDA is a "don't do anything" (i rated this a long time ago, but i didn't comment)


whats a DDA also i like it=)


thats a pretty cool DDA. I dont know whether other like fake deaths, but i do. 4/5
btw, thanks for rating mine.
Nice. I'm not a large fan of cheating death in DDA's (I removed a thwump-cheating-death part in my Kirby DDA , even though it didn't affect the DDA at all.), but since you specifically asked us not to rate on just that thing, I wont.
Other than that, its a pretty good DDA. More launchers than I would have liked in some parts, but thats didnt take away from the gattling turrets being used in a DDA - which I think is pretty cool.
All in all - I give it a 4/5.
I would suggest working on a symmetrical tileset - though this one wasn't bad at all, just a little ugly. Though, nice enemy placement. Just try not to cheat death that often and you'll be fine.

Pretty cool

Nice DDA. Its called cheating death when it looks like the ninja dies when he doesnt. Use it sparingly; some people dont like it, and it doesnt work in user levels