Quadratic Formula

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Author freedmand
Tags author:freedmand playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-04-02
by 17 people.
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Description Okay, get ready for an extremely long description, but at least read some of it: After being on the forum and on NUMA for a while, I came to realize many of you were extremely good at mathematics, and loved logical puzzles that actually made you think a little. I made this course with that in mind and in honor of all you logical, challenge-thirsty people (I'm one of them my self). If this doesn't make you think then I question whether a brain even exists in that cramming cranium of yours. I chose the name of this map because it looks like two X's, or X^2. Many of you know expressions with ^2 being the highest degree are called "Quadratic" expressions. Since 2 maps on NUMA already have the name "Quadratic", I decided to choose "Quadratic Formula" because it's like Quadratic, and it's pretty puzzling! I tried to base this map on a continuous line puzzle in a puzzle book of mine, but I drastically failed and in a way, drastically succeeded. This is a puzzle that is completely original, and not even a puzzle really, but more of a game with different challenges all in the same level. I included 10 puzzles, but feel free to design your own challenges and tell me so I can put them in. This puzzle has a code-breaking, elimination, one way, no tracing your own path feel, yet it is original even outside of this game. Enough about the history though, now on to a guide of what keys unlock what doors. If you want this to be more of a code-breaking feel, skip this part. If you want to even come close to even beating the level read this: The following will be based on a diagram: I strongly recommend right-clicking this link and clicking save link as, for it will be needed a lot and in the challenges too. Anyways, here is a description of how to unlock the many doors at the top of the level to win (This level is still puzzling with this knowledge, however I figured it out myself. Even though it looks complex, once you get it, it is pure fun). You must unlock either A and D, or B and C for sectors 1 and 2. You must unlock either O and R, or P and Q for sectors 4 and 5. In sector 3 you can unlock I or J, but if you unlock both you'll be trapped. In sectors 6 and 7 you must unlock either S and V, or T and U. In sectors 8 and 9 you must unlock either W and Z, or X and Y. On both of the X's you must unlock either E, F, L, and M, or H, G, K, and N. In sectors 1, 2, 4, and 5, the keys above the two one-way platforms lock the top of the sectors, and the keys below lock the bottom. In sector 3, the thwump in the same column as you indicates which direction the door will lock with the blue shocking part (don't worry, you can't get shocked). In sector 6, 7, 8, and 9, the keys closest to the thwump lock in the direction indicated by the blue part. The other keys lock the opposite diretion. In the X's, the keys lock the way you came in, and the only way you can go instantly when you go out to go back in the X (this makes sure you can only go through the X's twice, and not through two opposite sides). This concludes the guide, but remember, when you walk through a sector, you don't have to get any keys at all. For the challenges, refer to this booklet: I made the first 10 (0 does not count), however new ones will hopefully be added frequently (I do not recommend downloading this one as it will be constantly changing with user's ideas. Every new challenge will be added directly to the bottom of the list, and numbered (This ensures that if someone submits a demo to challenge 3, it will always be a successful demo to challenge 3. This also gets rid of the difficulty curve, but hey, we're here to have fun). Please go ahead and rate, create, demo, put this in your memo, have fun, and submit a comment, your done! Expect more maps like this in the near future! N-Joy (sorry, I'm just glad I finished typing all this)!

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great level

first n level thats made me actually think...wasnt too hard, time was most difficult. demo below of whole thing (although a pretty poor 1), but its a spoiler so try it really hard before you see it. 5/5, faved, etc, keep up the great work freedmand
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too long, didn't read.

No 5, either.


this is great 5/5


go math!!
Just try finding it out yourself, and just beating the level.

Challenge #11 Added

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Remember, I'm not only looking for demos that complete challenge levels (I usually based my challenge levels on random completion demos), show me demos on awkward ways to win, normal ways to win, ways to win, ways to lose, cool things, anything! Just have fun. And I have to admit, once you understand it, it's really fun beating it in unique ways. There are probably well over 1,000,000 ways to win! I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could find out.
Demo Data
I'll provide a variety of demos. It even confused me at first, and you should have seen how shocked I was when I figured out it was easily possible. All the diagrams, observations, etc. But now, I think I fully understand it. Just keep experimenting and you'll get it too.
Demo Data
makes my head hurt after a few tries... really sweet, intelligent level. brings something new to the table
I know how hard coming up with this stuff is so I gave you a 5 keep making good maps like these.

Yea....hard as Hell

but really great math...and Im sure you spent some time on it... But you get a 5 from me anyways!
i understand it, but i think that it is too complicated, and wont be understood by some people. they will vote this down because they are stupid, so i'll compensate by giving this a 5