01-1: Circuit Breaker

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Author Methodic
Tags action author:methodic playable rated
Created 2006-04-02
by 22 people.
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Description Yep. That's right. Two maps! I'm on vacation so I have plus-que time :). One of my personal faves. Enjoy.
An all gold demo will recieve a dedication.

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a speedyer demo for now.
Demo Data

Is it possible?

I even tried it in fbf and couldnt get it... Maybe im doing it wrong... Have you done it? (I mean the bit with the floor guard bye the way)

Other than that it is a excellent level. Really enjoyable. The gold was excellently placed (when possible :). Nice flow as well. 4/5


Very fun, and challenging. Not perfect, but hey, those are rarities.


Fun tiles,

and a unique gold challenge. It annoyed the heck out of me though, so don't be expecting a demo from me.


unique style
I wont being going for all gold though


5/5 as always!


True, but when I did attempt to make a puzzle, people insisted that it wasn't a puzzle. I'll give it a shot. (yes, I can do other things :D).


I just noticed something... You have all action levels but only one puzzle. Can you do anything else?
This level gets a 4.5 from me anyway. I just wnat to see some other stuff.

as always

methodic knows the method to making a great map. keep it up.

Loved it

Great tileset too. Heres a completion demo if youre stuck.
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