Kremlin3 DED

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Author Mattiator2
Tags author:mattiator2 dda rated
Created 2006-04-03
Last Modified 2006-12-04
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description This is true to the source material. It is a classic Kremlin3-style level

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um dood

"I've never used gold Delay,
except in my n00b Lesson series"

This is what you posted on my map. WELL NO DU!!!!!! I also said its hard for maps rated 4.0 or 4.5!!! Your avarage ratting is a 2! I mean now im going to get sniped! Still, dont say my maps are crap if you make ones like these.
Ugh, you people lack common sense!!

hey guys

i can't believe i have my own ded...
sorry i didn't respond at first ( i couldn't get onto the website for some reason) but this map is awesome...
I'm glad you are making use of my tricks and skillz (LOL!)

hey maybe we can get together for a playdate?
my number is 1-730-233-8651
call me and we can get together


they suck as much as this.

load of crap