When cars are chasing you, you RUN!!

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Author skateman
Tags author:skateman playable race rated
Created 2006-04-04
by 6 people.
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Description This is a follow up on the last story/level I had made/written. I personally like this level, and I do not want to hear stuff like, \"you copied fire exit\", and \"and this level is too easy/hard.\" It has been beaten numerous times for your convience (by me). Here\'s part two.

N giggled. He felt like a child in a candy store, except the "store" was a big, noisy, and hazardous city, and the candy part was because of being extremely drunk, like he had planned. He staggered this way and that, and even his annoying inner voice was drunk enough to shut up most of the time. N punched a trash can. "Hehe," his exasted brain had just given up trying to stop he from going out of control, and he was going nuts, hallucinating, and wandering around feeling sick, all at the same time. His inner voice decided to speak one word. Warlords, it said. N stopped. He had suddenly remembered why he had decided to get extremely drunk in the first place. He got extremely angry and all of his feelings burst out, which is not a good thing to do when you're drunk, because a) you usally end up hurting yourself badly, and b) you take all that anger out on something/one else. Now N decided to do the worst thing even someone who was not extremely drunk could do. He decided he would take it out on the police. He figured this wasn't a bad idea, but he was listening to the now out-of-sevice part of his brain, which meant he was doing it for no reason. He went over to a cop, and screamed, "YOU'RE TOO FAT!!!" Now the policeman, who had just heard a lot of abusive things said to him in is lifetime, was shocked to hear an extremely angry drunk yelling at him for being too fat, and he was shocked. Also, he, like the bartender in the bar, was having a very rough day also, and this had pushed him over the edge. So, he did the most sensible action he could do at the moment, he quickly pulled out his gun and started shooting repeatedly at N. Now N, who was as equally shocked at his reaction, did the most senseible thing he could also do, he took the man down. Just as he had done this, the policeman turned on his com-unit and yelled, "I NEED BACKUP!!" and many cop cars appeared in minutes. N ran down an alley, but the cars followed him, one at a time. N decided to do an even more senseible thing, run.

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that was cool

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Nice one. I think i cheated though...

Still, good race.
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Pretty original race that is pretty fun. It's easy, but so are most races so it's all good