Simple Task 3: Thwump Usage

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Author thatsmypie
Tags author:thatsmypie playable puzzle unrated
Created 2006-04-06
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Description Very basic, just a test to see how long it takes you to figure out.
Basically the only way to cross the chasm is to use the thwup to propel you across, how is that possible I wonder?
Very easy once you know how!

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not too hard, but it's great for speedruns. 3/5
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168 Frames!

Haha! I beat LouDog!
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We cheat.

one question

why is there a thwump?
it is good i give it a 4/5
Plz see my map it is a good short jumper
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. . .
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this is really cheating.
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The main point of these is to test your key skills.
In Task 1 you covered reflexes, how fast you can move under pressure.
In Task 2 you covered observation, you needed to observe the direction the lasers point in order to complete the level.
In Task 3 you covered problem solving, self explanitory.
And in Task 4 you cover timing, how well can you time your jumps in order to dodge the rockets?

Basicalyy they are only easy if you posses one of those key skills!
If you dont posses the skill required your goal shall be a difficult one to reach!


thanks a lot...

Here is my way

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I like the simple challenges. Keep making them.

My demo is just one way to do this level, I found loads.
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Can be found here:
Here is the link: