Simple Task 4: All About The Timing

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Author thatsmypie
Tags author:thatsmypie playable puzzle unrated
Created 2006-04-06
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Description Timing is the key skill in this task, you must time your jumps correctly in order to succesfully dodge the rocket coming at you from the ceiling!
So far in my tasks we have covered:
Hand/eye coordination
Problem Solving
And Timing

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Like this,

it kinda 'propels' you.
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great for speedruns. Sometimes if you go quick enough, it's like the corner propels you. I'll post a demo after this one.
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short and good puzzle like of like mine
plz see mine and rate

My fastest yet.

These are fun. 3.5/5
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first try

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In fact...

Name me a key skill and i'll make something that tests it!


You may not see Task 5 until tommorow. Depends on weather I can think of a good key skill lol!


Slow completion. Keep making these, the're good.
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