The Three Towers that Shattered

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Author Aju
Tags action author:aju playable rated
Created 2006-04-06
Last Modified 2006-04-06
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description This is dedicated to the hyper capt_weasle. His N-Arts are simplt superb, and his simplistic maps are a joy to play. His attitude springs out, and lightens even funerals. People would laugh when he is around, even if someone was run over by a car.Brutally.

The map itself is hard, but enjoyable. It is composed of three towers, all requiring a strategy to pass. It is a very rewarding map if you were to beat it. I might post some demos later to help you all out.
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Kinda empty, but I really liked the tileset.

Oh yea

4.5/5 and Fav'ed. I still can't beat it...yet!


I've been busy of late, playing CoH and finishing up my senior year, getting ready for college and all that jazz. But I finally decided to get all my N maps and my fav N maps on this laptop, and I saw this tileset. This map is amazing, seriously I'm extremely critical of tilesets and such, and I really like the style on this map, not to mention the difficulty. But I can't give you a 4.5 without a complaint. My complaint is that your ceiling is too flat, add some stalagmites for looks.

Its the best

I like how its challenging, not many maps that are hard. 4/5


A ded!? Fa me!? I'm so amazed. I'm so in awe that I can't beat the level! Ooh! Look! Penny! *runs off* I'll post a demo if I can.