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Author angrymob
Tags author:angrymob playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-04-07
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description i made this level for the begging players and the ok player as well as great players that dont know some tactics. i may keep making these it i get a good rating on this one
i made this to show there are more then one way to survive a big fall and the modified lauchpad is to make it harder
*****must read******
when playing this in debug mode you must click out of the loading box b4 loading or it might not work
***PLZ see my hard jumper level it is short and hard***

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not contact with the block...but with the wall...


i tried that...i was dying on contact...

so i just did it my way...


tactic but i was expecting you to use the block to direct you to the wall then do that


was i supposed to do it this way???

or did u actually WANT me to use that random center block???

either way...i win...
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the link is
sry i forgot to put a space between the link and ***

3.5 / 5

Its fun but really hard, now i have to learn how to do coner jumps...


Demo Data


He doesn't. Look at the words at the top left, there is no Level Completed there.


It may not look it, but he does make it into the exit.
Demo Data

your link...

is broken. Id love to see your other map, but Fix the link. And if you want to see my mine jumper its Abstract Hollow
(I am not just advertising my maps, I think my mine jumper is educational to new members as to basic elements that make a mine jumper fun, no offense meant angrymob)


Oh i forget i put locked doors around the exit door so the people who play this know that that does not stop you from winning so they dont do that mistake in their levels
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