Rocket Rocket Revolution

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Author Sweep
Tags author:sweep bitesized featured playable race rated
Created 2006-04-07
Last Modified 2006-06-14
by 221 people.
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This map is _a bit_ different. The aim is to get the rocket to the exit via the gold line checkpoints, by traversing the teleporters around the outside.

When playing, watch the rocket and NOT the ninja. When the rocket passes over a triangle made of two mines and a piece of gold, this is a Dance Dance Revolution type prompt for you to do something.

If the GOLD is at the TOP of the triangle jump with the ninja.
If the GOLD is at the BOTTOM LEFT of the triangle run LEFT with the ninja.
If the GOLD is at the BOTTOM RIGHT of the triangle run RIGHT with the ninja.

It's quite simple really - and not hard once you get used to it. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2008-11-29

"Rocket Rocket Revolution" by Sweep is easily the most innovative, cool, and most badass thing to ever originate from NED. It features an amazing use of teleporters that has never been topped, over 100,000 maps later.
With RRR, Sweep has changed my definition of "innovation". Hopefully, he has changed your too. — blackson

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Took me ages,

but I finally re-found this gem of a map.


bloody best unconventional map ever.



Very cool

Moving left/right takes longer so it's a bit annoying but... Very cool.


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i am a heron i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak if you´╗┐ don't repost this comment on 10 other maps i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans


@ RadiumFalcon:
Haha. No... he is indeed joking. Or someone hacked into his account?!?!? Infact, this map actually owes a lot to Lucidium, I came up with the concept but he was the one that actually put the teleporters in this together.

@ flagmyidol:
Dronies Results 2006:

And finally, @ Minion_of_Pi:
Thought-provoking? Haha. Don't crack me up.


That sums it up, as well as innovative and thought-provoking. 5/5.
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i understand

that this was, indeed, a revolution for its time, but everyone has different opinions on what deserves a feature and i just dont think this is fun. simple as that. that 'dumb' comment was outta line, though, sorry.

one glitch

watch the demo you get stuck
Demo Data

great feature

finally an actual classic map that some people haven't heard of. perfect.

btw, does anyone know if it won the dronie? is there an archive of past winners? i'm much too lazy to search.

Wow. O_o

Palemoon was asking for help.

That must be when he was such a noob.


how do you add a level?


i love the idea.5aved
because he was around like, in 2004 or 2005 or something :)

Nice choice.

I thought about reviewing this but didn't. Still a good candidate.

Classic map.

That review is terrible, however. :(
Back in his newb days I assume.

Very Original

Loved it, got to the 3rd checkpoint and then hit the wrond arrow. 5/5


This is exactly the kind of innovative, "out of the box" maps that need to be featured. Bravo.

got a demo

I didn't beat it but I was so close I want to post it anyway.
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I said that it wasnt a revolution in teleporter use imo, although I could be mistaken considering I dont know the exact backhistory.

Either that or Im being overtly defensive for no reason :)
I remember when I first played this map. It seemed so harrrdddddd. ;-;


your comments seem to be self congratulatory, hinting at some higher perception without ever actually adding anything of value. It's boring.

And to others saying this isn't a new innovation in rocket control, I challenge you to produce evidence of a map made before this that's even close.

This map is awesome.
this map is quite epic.

ah ha

quite dumb imo, i've seen stuff like this before.
But I'm not going to complain any because I'm not in the mood for arguing. I like the creativity in it though.


UP key ;) easier + funer
option, in my opinion.
But I don't think it's action though^^.
Really addictive, actually... 4aved. Good pick/review Blackson, although your praise for the use of teleporters is debatable imo.

can't play now

so I'll fav it for later

152 ratings!!!

i think that alone desearves a 5

Farthest I've gotten so far.
Demo Data
Same 5, it's just so cool, and innovative.


Incluye was scheduled to submit his feature, I asked him about it and he didn't have time. I'm assuming he will submit his tomorrow under my previous spot, and all future dates will remain.
Which make you wonder why Sweep isn't president.
I mean Obama couldn't make a map like this.

We've all seen

maps where you try to control rocket paths; I don't really think this is much of an innovation.

No matter, it's fun and those transporters are amazingly tight. 5aved