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How do you add a level?


How long did htat take. Each timing must be perfect! 5/5

this deserves a...

Dronie obviously... or some sort of cashprize... 5*****
When finally i got to the last one. thats when i decided to quit

That is AWSUM!

THAT is the coolest race map eva!! Very intelligent! ***** 5 star.


Nice, but...

There's one major thing that separates this from DDR: You HAVE to time it perfectly for this to work. The rocket keeps hitting the walls if my timing is off...


is both unreal and amazing. You deserve that dronie-thing.

New concept!

This is a new concept for me, and I like it, so I give it a 5/5.


totally cool~
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Thats impossible. You should have put it in "uncategorized," but who gives a crap. 62/5 and 5aved.


is unreal. Totally new. 5/5


5'ed and faved


who reads the manual, anyway???
That's what you get for not following instructions ;)


this lvl is so unique that its difficult to classify, i understand what you were saying...but i also think you said it best, "it makes more sense", good job making it simple

but this demo is why im back...i originally found it on accident, and i suppose you could call this glitch, flash ninja revolution...oh, how he
Demo Data

... changed to race

What can I say, it makes more sense.

(you were right)

nemetacyst -

Yeah, it's not really worth arguing over at all. Basically, all I've been trying to say is that it's kind of unclassifiable, so there's nowt wrong with calling it action.

Case closed. Nothing to see here people. Except the map. Keep looking at the map.

Yours, Officer Sweep.


fav'd 5/5


any map with a course this specific is a race map...
and in race maps there is danger to whatever is going around the course, and you said the rocket was in danger, therefor, race map...

and i did not say levels with faster and faster demos make something a race map, but it is true in race maps, and it means more in race maps then in action maps...and from looking at the demos...thats what ppl are trying for

so plz, dont argue anymore...its a race...but i could care less what its classified as in numa, cuz its just too original...

exactly 999 frames

Demo Data

its cool,

too tired to focus tho


This map got kicked off the Top rated or something....


All maps with a specific course are race maps? I could give you plenty of examples where that isn't true. Maps where you can provide faster demos are race maps? Almost every level is like that. Oh, and this does have danger, but not to the ninja, to the rocket. The walls. They're the danger.


and i forgot to add, going through a specific course is what a race is about too, and that is exactly what you make the rocket do...

further proving that its a race...


correction, action requires danger...there is no danger...
therefor, not action...
but your right, its neither test nor puzzle...

its a race, because depending on how precisely you get the rocket to do the course, the frame count will lower, i realize the disputability of the ending frame count...but honestly, it looks like a race level anyway...

therefore, its a race...and your all wrong...


I would like to ask you: how is it not an action map? Firstly, it certainly isn't a puzzle because it directly tells you what to do. A puzzle implies more thought. It could be a test level, but this isn't a test level, because that implies it was just made to test out an idea. This was made to be fun, and, well, it has action. Therefore: action.

dragon moon,

this isn't technically an action map, it should be a puzzle or test level, but yeah its cool


best action lvl ever seen! got 4.5/5 for the idea and 5/5 for the fun. so: 5/5 for u!

crazy man


5/5 and fav'd. Excellent concept.


Demo Data


i like the idea..original!
its very fun even tho i cant really complete it.
but yea could u pls tell me the code to make the launch pads become transporters?

i dont think so

It has been thought out and is in a more final form. It's not just a test of a little piece, it's an entire level.

Its good.

But it really belongs in the test level category.

sweet baby jesus

its like awesomeness in its pure form

Amazing idea...

5/5 + faved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just developed it and figured out how to make it actually playable (!)


it was actually sweep's he made a while ago.


i've seen a map exactly like this before. with the teleporters and everything. its not a new idea.