Too Many of DAvids Dam Boobles : RESUBIT!

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Author radupascariu
Tags action author:radupascariu playable rated
Created 2006-04-08
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description NO one voted for this map, please vote! and please dont snipe, because i dont, its not fair...

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And the map

Okay but not a big deal...


jling is rihgt

WhenI saw bigpants the first thing I thought was 'multi-account'.


are u talking about?


look 'bigpants' or whatever...
you're obviously radupascariu
just give credit for tileset and don't advertise on other ppls maps


why is the rating so low? this is a great map?!?!


I never thought my tileset would be so popular :D
At least you mentioned me on your fist submission of this.


Why is every other new submission using this tileset? Wheres the originality?

Ahem Ahem

I do believe a certain whaleshow should get a mention, no?

(For the tileset)

its a

very good map keep going

Calm down, yo

He apologized, right?
look at my advertised. Im not saying play them, Im just saying you advertised on one.

speed demo

You seem to have an excess of normal doors, locked doors, stupid trap doors, and launchpads. The map could be a lot more fun, but it's very sloppy.
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Pretty good actually. But dont mention snipers in your description or comment when it happens. That only encourages more.



thank you and i wont advertise anymore


just voted a 4.5/5


just voted a 4.5/5


what is going on? why am i getting sniped like this? omg is it for advertising? im sorry im new i didnt know but cmon!


send me a link to exactly what1 it is


ok im sorry, im new at this tho, i didnt know im not supposed to, sorry


im not gonna rate this
cuz last time u posted it u advertised it on every new map there was
so im not gonna rate it but i would hav given u about a 4 or 4.5
thats why u shouldnt advertise
i mite rate it later but good map

As far as I got...

Nice map, oh and could you check out the one I just submited?
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