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Author Hydron
Tags action author:hydron bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-04-09
by 13 people.
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Description An action/race hybrid. You have to maove quickly to make sure the drone doesn't trap you. At the end, the drone takes a detour so you can grab some gold. You can either take the top gold (with the gauss) or the bottom rocket chamber. I haven't been fast enough to do both, but give it a try. Its not actually a very hard map, once you get used to it. Please say how you like it. Thanks!

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Thanks, guys

3rd rated!


nice map!


quite a bit better. Now you can really see spare time for the gold.
Demo Data


of completion. As you an see, there would be plenty of time to get a little gold at the end, especially if I did better in the beginning.
Demo Data

Very Cool


Not sure about the cheating thing...
Might be...

Oh, forgot...

Please tell me if its cheatable and I'll try to fix it. Thanks!