It's like dancing, only you're in the sky, and you suck at it.

Thumbnail of the map 'It's like dancing, only you're in the sky, and you suck at it.'

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Author Korbachev
Tags author:korbachev bitesized dda featured rated
Created 2006-04-13
Last Modified 2006-05-26
by 172 people.
Map Data

Description Alright, play this in debug mode. I enjoyed making it. It was fun to watch. I was gonna make it the whole map, but it was starting to get boring. So the ending of it is from my friend "The LOL Effect" by someone I don't remember. Just search "LOL effect" and you'll find it.

When you're in the air, anytime during the level, hold either left or right. When you play it in debug mode and do that, when you hit the spring, you'll move a little. Say, right after you get in the air from the first spring, hold right until you die. It's pretty fun to try new places and times.

Check out my favorite level I ever made.

This map was featured on 2010-11-20

Was glancing through Korbachev's archive a few weeks ago and saw this oldie, which I hadn't thought of in several years though it used to be one of my favorite maps. It's like dancing is a thoroughly unique level, a reminder that there's always something new to do with Ned. If you're ever staring at the blank template again, lost for ideas, remember this superbly creative map.

Alternatively, you can bitch about meaningless little issues here, or yell at me or the staff. Korbachev's been gone for a long time ... he won't care a bit! — flagmyidol

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I remember this!

nice feature!

So cool


do the d.a.n.c.e.


i remember the name XD
is that the ninja doesn't always do the same dances (and even though the number of different dances is only like 10 or so, that's still a lot of possible combinations), so it has good re"play" value. Faved.


what is so special and makes all you smiling??

so much fun to watch, couldnt stop smiling :)

5aved x alot, great feature flag

but seriously

this is awesome; made me smile
blah blah blah gameplay blah blah blah generic blah blah blah just-because-he-is-well-known blah blah blah blah I don't even care that I don't get featured blah blah blah I bitch on featured maps so people will listen to me blah blah blah why doesn't anyone like me blah blah blah

BS. 5aved


DDA to the extreme, definitely 5aved.


definitely cool, had a demo when he came out of each door running, looked awesome lol
nice feature

144 rates and I didn't even know it existed. Thanks flag.

This is cool

+1 internetz.


the staff sux

except for me

my staff is impressive


flag sux

that looks so fun

i must watch it some more times.
time to time, i liked him


My I do suck at skydancing. 5/5
Demo Data

I can almost tell

someone is going to make a long rant about featured maps. troll wins if this happens.
Great feature.


this is great

I lol'd






No size?



Cool Map!

I like it! 5/5


Demo Data


Great to see something different in a DDA for once great job.

Like Magic

:D And poof! It's gone
Demo Data

Great stuff

That was really funny. But shouldn't this be in the Test Level category?

Basic math:

L+M+F+A+O = x
x = 5/5 and faved


Great and original.


nice. only bad thing is there aren't any enemies, minus .5 for that. but really cool to watch, the way he dances in the sky. 4.5