HAL 9000

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Author topolord
Tags author:topolord rated tileset
Created 2006-04-13
Last Modified 2006-12-12
by 8 people.
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Description Its HAL from 2001 a space oddessy!
captZeroths Digital Dimension helped with the outside area, didnt copy though. The circle in the center is his eye.
Hope you like it, Topolord

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Nice tileset

I maked map out of it:

oh yes thank you.

thanks for the link


also has another map named after HEX- the best computer in the disc world,
find it here:

rate maybe?

three people one vote. Whats the deal?
Rate please!


What a coincidence. I'm reading the book right now.

Hal 9000

from 2001 a space oddesy, is the supercomputer that controls the ship that two humans are flying from earth to saturn i think. He attampts to kill them becuase he elieves they are a risk to the mission, but one of the humans shuts him down. After that in the story, the human floats through space and is absorbed in to somekind of alien experiment. There are also several sequels. the books are by Arthur C. Clark, but the movie may be more well known.


5/5 for sure. I love it.


but what is the reference/what is Hal 9000??