Can't last forever

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Author SilentDemon
Tags author:silentdemon bitesized dda rated
Created 2006-04-18
Last Modified 2006-04-18
by 43 people.
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Description this is my third and last dda. there is no gold or launch pads at all, just trap doors, it runs for 1775 frames long. and thats about it. well good bye.


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This is why I /hate/ it when members now (like Cerberus and smtid) delete all there maps from NUMA. Why would people like you even /want/ to delete your impact on the community...forever? See, I joined NUMA in the end of May, so I never new you, and I'll never now you or your old maps. =[
Why? WHY?!

Nice DDA, but could've used more propulsion. 4.5/5


how long does it take you to make maps like that?

alright, plz repost

ghost...i dont know which one that was facing left(i think) and was more of a traditional, sheet-like ghost with a large mouth...

ok umm

color tools
ghost 2
happy lunar ny

that's all i kept


could you list the arts you still have???
i only remember a few specifically...
i would like a couple...some of them were awesome...


i saved some, if u want to see one, ask and i'll be happy to submit it
sad to see you seems everybody is leaving...

too bad you deleted all your levels, i woulda saved some of the data, many of them were excellent...

you were a great addition to numa, i know ive disagreed with some of your repititious arts, but they were all great, i jsut wanted you to further the level of arts even more...

goodbye and good luck
You have been a great map maker here at Numa. Hope you have a great life dude. God Bless.



why delete all your n-arts?
Why? Were they sniped
Very nice use of picking a theme and sticking with it! Trap doors and rockets worked very nice; you must have used the 'z' snap to get all those trap doors lined up right without a single coin stall, but it still comes across very clean and very controlled.
everyone is leaving, for good too.
I just took a long break to get away and fix out my life. I loved it, 5/5 and faved. Its sad to see so many people go. Its like a whole generation is getting up and leaving. Please, if your bored and have an extra 7 or 8 hours on your hands (:p), it would be nice if you submitted an N-art that we could all praise. You were one of the Great members of the great non-playable maps...Im sorry, its just weird how some people that you'll never meet can have such a huge impact on your life...


I just didn't like it.
You know, you have no reason to leave.
No reason at all. But if you choose to do so, farewell.

I must say

it was very nice, many close calls, no gold or launch pads
great work 5/5
i also have one like this


i'll miss you and your a maps


the whole dda was sorta monotonous. There was no really good propulsions and all n had to dodge was rockets but there were a lot.


sad to see you go. Great map. 5/5 + faved


Great map man, lots of rockets, cool.


this is to damn good to be your last.. 5/5